Our choir is an important and inspirational part of Corinth Presbyterian Church (CPC). Praise and worship is led by our Choir Director, Betsy Wilson. We have had the pleasure of guest musicians being featured or accompanying our choir on occasion. Betsy also leads music for Sunday school.

Choir Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 7pm. Please reach out to Betsy Wilson with questions or if you would like to join the choir.


Corinth’s next mission is to be determined. Details coming soon!

Children and Families

During worship on Sunday mornings children are escorted to the Christian Education building after the Children’s Moment around 10:45am for a time of songs, a Bible lesson, crafts, and play. Parents pick up their children at the classroom directly following worship around 11:30am. The Bible Lesson is led by Corinth’s Director of Children and Family Ministries and Social Media Outreach, Myra Valdez-Malishenko. Myra is always accompanied by at least one other adult in agreement with our Child Protection Policy (available upon request). Before Myra was employed by Corinth and before any of the volunteers can volunteer, everyone has to complete and pass a background check. Staff and volunteers also make a point of getting the guardian’s cell phone number beforehand so that staff or volunteers can contact the guardian during the worship service if needed. Songs and music is led by Choir Director, Betsy Wilson.

We hold Family Days or events about once a month. Family Days are family gatherings which usually follow the worship service and last about an hour and a half. Events mainly take place in the Christian Education Building (CE Building) beside Corinth Presbyterian Church. Family Day consists of fellowship, delicious meals, music, craft or activity, brief Bible Study and prayer. Fellowship with us!

Corinth’s Youth during a Pizza/Movie party in the Gathering Place on December 27th 2023.

Sling Share

Baby slings are a safe and comfortable way for a mother or family member to hold the baby close (essential and positive for the baby’s development and beneficial for bonding with the mother/family member) while still having your hands free to be able to do other things. Sling Share is held the first Saturday of every month and classes are at 10:00am and 11:00am. Mothers and their babies should arrive a little before the start time to sign in and choose their sling. No advance registration is required. Classes last about 10 to 15 minutes, then each mother puts her baby in the sling and an instructor will check for comfort and safety.

For questions please contact Myra Valdez-Malishenko at or Geneva.

Fiber Arts Group

Come one, come all. All levels are welcome as this is a friendly group that is more than happy to help teach knitting, crocheting or counter cross stitch. Meets on Tuesdays 10:00am to 12:00pm in the Gathering Place (towards the back left side of the church if you are facing the front of Corinth Church). There will be a sign to show you where to go. Bring yarn or your own project and see what you can create. Children are welcome to come and play.

For questions please contact

Myra or Betsy Wilson at

Soup Sundays

We fellowship and eat soup together after worship at 11:30am in the CE Building beside Corinth Presbyterian Church at 4269 Corinth Blvd Dayton 45410. Soup Sundays are held usually during the first Sunday of the month during the fall and winter from September through March.

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