Corinth Church is a Presbyterian Community.

We are committed to including all people regardless of race, age, culture, ability, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. We believe that all people are made in the image of God and we celebrate and welcome who you are as God created you. Come as you are!

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Meet Our Pastor

Rev Cynthia Holder Rich

Rev Cynthia Holder Rich is a Presbyterian pastor and educator. She has served several congregations, most recently in Findlay, Ohio. For the past four years, she has served on the faculty of theology at Tumaini University Makumira, near Arusha, Tanzania.

Cynthia comes from a family of pastors. Her dad, a great uncle, a great-great-grandfather, and two siblings were/are pastors—and Cynthia is also married to a pastor, Mark Rich. Cynthia’s mother was a musician and music teacher. Both of Cynthia’s parents completed graduate degrees when Cynthia was young. Growing up in this family instilled in Cynthia a deep love of music, which led to college study of the subject, and of learning. Cynthia is an avid reader, generally reading multiple books at any moment, and is always up for discussion of what different authors have to say.

Cynthia is a lifelong Presbyterian and has been deeply engaged in ministries at all levels of the church. She has a significant network of friends and colleagues across the Presbyterian (Church) USA and in corresponding denominations. Cynthia looks forward to working with the Session to invite guests to Corinth to utilize the resources of our ministries.

Throughout her pastoral career, Cynthia has worked with believers in ministries that strive to build up people and communities, bringing life and healing and giving glory to the God of life. Cynthia is impressed with what she has read and heard about the life and ministry of Corinth Presbyterian Church. She is grateful for the nomination of the Session to become Pastor and is excited about learning more about the congregation and its ministries.

What is a presbyterian?

Presbyter is the Greek word for elder. Elder is a position of authority to which members of a church are elected. A board of elders (called the session) is responsible for the day to day running of the local church. Our session has seven elders. The pastor is a member of the session, and runs the meetings, but gets one vote just like everyone else. Leaders can come from anywhere, without regard to sex, age, or race in the Presbyterian Church.

All Presbyterian congregations in a certain geographical area make up a presbytery. It consists of half ministers and half lay people. The presbytery is responsible for the bigger decisions regarding a congregation. The presbytery meets four times per year to worship, learn new things, and vote on matters. The bulk of the work of the presbytery is done by committees. Committees of the presbytery help struggling churches, guide people preparing for ministry, etc. We are a part of the Presbytery of the Miami Valley.

Every other year, representatives from every presbytery in the country gather together for the General Assembly. The General Assembly thinks, prays, and votes on how to deal with big issues affecting the church. Its decisions have to be approved in turn by a majority of the presbyteries. We call it mutual accountability. Because of our roots in the Protestant Reformation we don’t follow a top-down hierarchy. Which means we are free to follow Jesus as he leads us, as a local community, without interference from any of the levels of church government above us.

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