Corinth Church is a Presbyterian Community.

As Presbyterians, we are a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA). If you are familiar with Presbyterians*, than you’ll find that we are a lot like the other Presbyterian churches around the country. We’re not especially conservative or especially liberal. We don’t have any axes to grind. (But doesn’t everyone say that?)

As committed as we are to being Presbyterians, we’re even more committed to being a community. As a community, we share each others burdens, work together for a better world, worship together, pray for each other, and have fun together. There are around 100 of us right now. Some of us have been members for 50 years. Some of us have been coming for a month. But, we’re all the same. We love God. We love each other. We want to serve the world.

History of Corinth Church

Corinth Presbyterian Church was founded in 1942 as a congregation of the United Presbyterian Church.  It took over the Corinth Blvd. physical plant of a disbanded Evangelical and Reformed Church congregation dating from 1928, and absorbed its remaining congregation.  The Dayton neighborhood of Belmont boomed in the postwar era of the 1950s, and Corinth Church boomed with it.  The current main building was begun in 1948 and the Christian Education Building was constructed in 1957. 

Like many congregations of the era, its membership numbers climbed into the many hundreds.  Like many other congregations, those numbers waned through the last quarter of the 20th century, but its ministries continued to seek new ways in which to serve a broken and hurting world and bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It has been involved in two major denominational mergers, 1958 and 1983, and is at present a congregation within the Presbyterian Church (USA).

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